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Lavender Tower
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Click on image to view construction updates of Lavender Tower | Emirates City AJMAN. "Last Update August 2009"

Redefining Lifestyle
The Lavender Tower is a premium set of apartments which boasts of numerous exclusive facilities catering to every single need of the omnipresent resident. This residential complex is surrounded by children's play areas, swimming pool, health club, a fully equipped sports centre and ample parking space.

The Flower of Royalty
For long a favorite of kings and queens, the breathtakingly fragrant and exquisitely beautiful lavender has been known for its comforting and calming effects, symbolizing beauty in its every aspect. The lavender is known to have an unsurpassed excellence in scent and color, adding to the immeasurable quality of nature.

Providing unsurpassed quality within an environment of pure luxury, the Lavender Tower is a true monument of architectural elegance coupled with living comfort. Adding value to every aspect of life, the tower enhances your lifestyle through functional amenities, creative aesthetics and a keen sense of luxurious quality. With every desire taken care of, the Lavender Tower will bring you home to a paradise.

The Tower of Beauty
Recreating the grace and grandeur of the flower, the Lavender Tower reflects the sophistication of the natural beauty of one of nature's most elegant gifts. Situated in the Emirates City, Ajman, the Lavender Tower is a creation of sheer architectural excellence. This is where ethereal splendor and soothing serenity come together in an enchanting union of quality and creativity.

The New Hub
Designed to be the latest commercial and residential hub in the Emirate of Ajman, the Emirates City is strategically located on the arterial Emirates Road. A paradigm of luxurious living and state-of-the-art facilities, this new town is not far from anywhere you may want to be. Even Dubai International Airport is a short 20 minute drive away.

Combining Flair and Functionality
Rarely have form and function come together as beautifully as they have at the Lavender Tower. Providing residents and visitors with every utility within the scope of unsurpassed luxury, the Lavender Tower is planned to meet and exceed the lifestyle requirements of one and all. Moreover, the unmistakable focus on quality ensures a pleasant experience from every aspect.

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